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About the artist

I gather inspiration from so many places. One of the biggest sources of inspiration for my work is dreams - both internal and the strange way I see the world in my sleep. This has lead to my current series, Evolution of a Dream, inspired by recurring dreams of abandoned rockets (See my artist statement for more).

Rockets and Jets have been a huge source of inspiration for the art the past few years, mostly as works of art with personality more than their intended purpose. Other sources of fuel for the art are music (especially music that either feels like the dreams I dream, or the world I dream of), my love for animals, weather and lighting in conjunction with the landscape and/or cityscape, anything that reminds me of the dreams I’ve had, abandoned places and weathered/aged metal on rockets and jets.

My personality (obviously) is ingrained in my work, including my humor and the deep contemplative, always-dreaming side - I love to imagine the extremes and absurdities of things, and illustrate them in a way that appeals to the childish/childlike side.

Most importantly, Faith is ingrained in art (and music), as it is an expression of an inner world I’ve been on an endless journey to describe and articulate since I was a teenager. In recent years, my work has been a sort of journaling of a healing process, transitioning back to a childlike place. I love to incorporate humor into my work as a way of making heavy subject matter more easily digestible. I love to express from a desire to see the world the way I do in my dreams, from the perspective of the kid I want to grow up to be again. And through that I wish to see my work achieve the same result when others view it and take it in. I want to see a reverse metamorphosis from the tired adults we’ve become, back to the adventurous, loving, inspired, imaginative children we were meant to be. This life is an adventure, not a prison sentence. I want to help free people from their prisons and release them into what they are meant for.