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Breaking the Fourth Wall, The Never Ending To-Do List

This self-referencing blog is titled so because it is self-referencing. This blog is about the fact that I, as an artsy guy who has always shied away from anything to do with computers, have successfully built my website. Oddly enough, I seriously enjoyed it once I got into the flow of it. There is a lot to keep up with, but I'm excited to say I have my own website finally. It's like having your own place - it makes you feel like a real grown-up, AND... you can do whatever you want! So, I'm excited that I can do whatever I want here. I think I'll start by having a party. Probably in my room watching Friends while Facetiming my girlfriend :D I am also excited that I get to brag about my art and share my deep and/or shallow, goofy thoughts, as well as my poetry/lyrics. I do write, but it's more of a side outlet, like a cryo-vent, as opposed to a thruster. So, stay tuned for what I post on here from now on. I still have to figure out the mailing list thing. That's next on my never-ending to-do list. 

As a self-employed artist learning how to market/advertise/be responsible, I have a very long list I call my Never-Ending To-Do List. It includes things like: update site, reach out to art blogs, join art groups online, update other pages, stop sucking at facebook and instagram, drink coffee, listen to Tycho and Coldplay, get more product shots, look at other artists' websites for ideas, reach out to sci-fi sites, apply to shows, apply to conventions, visit girlfriend, find time to make art, finish commissions, find time for writing music, have a beer with the besties, drink more coffee, drink less coffee, get up earlier, get sleepy earlier, update blog regularly, update #Etsy, research how-to-art-full-time, grow up, get life together, find out how to get people to want to buy your art, don't beg people to buy your art, make people want to buy your art without manipulating them, be a better salesman, be a better artist, get better at photoshop, get better at Illustrator, practice graphic arts, update website, make art, get prints made, frame prints for shows.... apply to shows, find money for booth fees, get accepted into shows that leave me on hold, sell stuff to afford supples for framing prints, find time for print framing, get said framed prints sold, order dome rivets, be better at making connections, get on, Mail prints that people occasionally order, remember to go get prints made of Dave's work, be ready for DragonCon in case they have room for me in the printshop, figure out how to get down to Space Coast Art Festival in case I get juried in, Get on Reddit, Vero, Patreon, Tumblr, Reach out to aerospace companies, engage with audience better, Get in somehow on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, Try not to drink so much coffee, drink coffee to stay alive, try to enjoy life, figure out how to do this for a living. Pay taxes. Pay more taxes. Buy supplies. Pay car payment. Eat. Make time for love. Love what you do. Don't get overwhelmed. Learn how to manage stress. Learn how to order time. Forget to eat. Eat. Love what you do even when the uncertainty and this list stresses you out. 

It's like I already don't have enough time as it is when I'm doing this full-time. I need patrons and more customers. It would give me work to do that I know will sell. This is the struggle of a artist who has only recently become full time. This is also the struggle of an artist who has been in this game for years. 

Life is a Never-Ending To-Do List. It can be easy to forget to enjoy life and relax, and trust that everything will fall into place. Especially when your paycheck depends on you to be on top of things and somehow pave a way where everyone says is impossible. 

Breathe. Trust. Remember why you do what you do in the first place. Remember that it's worth it. Believe that it will work out before it's the end. 

Anyway. This post went from goofy to serious. That's what you get with me. Thanks for reading. Have a good... thing and stuff. 


Chris the Artist