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Studio Info


Welcome to my (and Dave's)studio!! ! !!

I am based in Huntsville, AL, a city full of engineers and rockets, hence the title "the Rocket City." I work in the OkRandom Art Studio (#2052) at Lowe Mill ARTS&Entertainment, the biggest privately owned arts center in the country, with one of my best friends, David Jolley (You can view his work by clicking the button at the bottom). Within the studio you will find paintings and wood workings, as well as clutter and all the pieces to make awesome creations that we don't have enough time to make. We have a fur rug on the floor, mostly dog fur that has accumulated from all the doggo visitors that have come in. We are in a constant state of change in the studio, depending on how claustrophobic we feel with all the furniture and paintings we don't have room for. That's why we need people to buy our work - so we can make room for new stuff. Feel free to come by, buy or request artwork, or hang out - bring snacks - I'm breaking the starving artist stereotype!. 


About My Work:

My main medium is a combination of Ballpoint Pen and India Ink. I love using alcohol and salt for textures and extreme detail. In my more recent work I have emphasized on perspective and drastic lighting. I also love to build my own frames and experiment with finishes, including staining with ink and salt to achieve a driftwood look. I love to float my paintings on riveted sheet metal, AKA "Rocket Skin" backboards. Most of my work is inspired by dreams, my vivid imagination, as well as a love for viewing the world the way I wish it to be. Puns are another important ingredient in much of my work. 

Brands I use: I use ProArt and Dr. Phil Martin's, as well as Daler*Rowney ink. I Paint all my more recent work on 300 lb watercolor paper -Canson and Arches, and I buy my brushes, watercolors, and paper from The Art Cart here at Lowe Mill - I highly encourage everyone to buy local so that local art supply shops can thrive


I am open to commissions, especially if they are within my style. I will also gladly do a custom-framed print for you, with the print floated on a riveted metal backboard. 

**Prices depend on: 

  • Size and detail of original drawing/painting
  • Frame size
  • Type of Glass (normal or museum quality)
  • Size and type of paper for prints
  • Type of backboard
  • Rivet size
  • Shipping cost